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Online shopping, playing cards and spending time with friends are all linked to better brain health as we age.
                         Healthy Aging
Staying healthy as you age can be a challenge,
we can help. Our programs give older adults the knowledge and tools to prevent falls, manage chronic conditions, and improve their lives.. We Click Here
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Gwinnett County 
Looking for that special event or some place to go in Gwinnett County.

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     Monthly Luncheon Meetings

        Bethesda Park Senior Center  ~ Jan. - Sept. and Nov. - Dec. 2019
       225 Bethesda Church Road
        Lawrenceville, GA 30044
        Delmar Gardens ~ Oct. 2019
       3100 Club Drive 
      Lawrenceville, GA 30044
          Time: 11:00AM  - 1:00PM  
     4th Thursday
          RSVP required for Lunch (Cost: $15) 
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