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Emory Healthy Aging Study Latest News


Participation By The Numbers


Current Study Participants

Thank you for signing up for the Emory Healthy Aging Study! You have already advanced scientific knowledge with this groundbreaking endeavor.


As of today, we've had over 7,000 people register for the study, and 3,738 complete the online Health History Questionnaire. We are excited about reaching this milestone together!

While we've made great progress because of you, we still have a long way to go in our recruitment efforts. You are our best advocates. Please share this study with your friends and family.




Together, we will make a difference. 



Did You Know?



African Americans are Twice as Likely

According to the Alzheimer's Association, African-Americans are TWICE as likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than Caucasians.

24% of Men

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, men are 24% LESS LIKELY to have visited a doctor within the last 12 months.




Current Study Demographic Breakdown


The demographic breakdown of Study participants to-date is:

76% Women  |  24% Men



86% Caucasian  |  9% African American  |  5% Other Races



12% are 18-44 year olds

80% are 45-75 year olds

8% are 76 or older

 Please help us attain greater diversity, and encourage
your friends and family to join us!




Exciting Study Updates & News


We are pleased to announce that the Healthy Aging Study has begun to bring in selected individuals for more in-depth study. The Emory Brain Study will include collection of blood and other tests to understand how the body ages, and what might lead to Alzheimer's disease. We are also developing other sub-studies in depression and cardiovascular health.

In the next few months, you will be invited to complete short questionnaires on diet, physical activity, and sleep. We believe these will help us better understand your overall health!

Contact to learn more. 

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