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                   Board of Directors

                             Executive Board Members

Elisabeth John
Vice President

Angela Jones

D. Gail Bridgette


Doris Drayton 
Miriam Ferguson  
James Hughes  
Betsy Jenkins
Steve Toggerson   
Jay Trevari

Standing Committee and Chairs

Committee Chair
Nominating Committee
Miriam Ferguson, Chair
[Members: Dorothy Barnes, Gail Bridgette] 
Membership/Recruiting Committee
Vacant, Chair
[Calling Tree -  Angela Jones, Chair
Ken Mason, Miriam Ferguson, Annie Hunter, Sheila Samuels, Lessie Brown, Carol Whipple]
Public Relations Committee Angela Jones, Chair
   a. Newsletter
   b. Computer
   c. Webpage
   d.  E-Blast 
   e.  Facebook 
Jackie Randall
Elisabeth John
Jackie Randall
Doris Moore
Jackie Randall, Elisabeth John
[Members: Gail Bridgette, William Mayfield]
Community Service Committee
William Mayfield, Chair
[Members: Lillie Bowles, Gwen Pinder, Esta Snyder]
Health/Wellness Committee
William Mayfield Chair
[Members: Wendy Osborne, Carol Smith, Louise Gomez]
Recreation&Social Activity
a. Hospitality/Care
b. Christmas 
c. Choir 
d. Picnic 
e. Travel 
Elisabeth John, Chair
Olivia Thorne, Chair
Miriam Ferguson, Chair
[Members: Lessie Brown, Gail Bridgette, Marion Moore, Angela Jones] 
Betsy Jenkins, Chair
[Members: William Mayfield, Lucy Aikerson, Deborah Brown, Mary Lamb, Gail Bridgette, Brenda Lee, Marvin Aikerson, Lessie Brown, Wendy Osborne, Dorothy Barnes, Jean Maddox, Angela Jones, Isabelle Reid, Ingird Black] 
[Members: Miriam Ferguson, Louise Gomez, Lessie Brown, Dorothy Barnes, Brenda Lee, Patricia Battle] 
Doris Moore, Chair 
 Dorothy Barnes
Legislative/Advocacy Committee
Jay Trevari, Chair
[Members: Lewis Moore, James Hughes, Debra Brown, Carol Smith, Steve Toggerson, Evelyn Gainous]
Program Committee
   a. Chapter Programs
   b. Member Education 
Doris Drayton, Chair
[Members: Jackie Randall
Standing Rules Committee
Elisabeth John
[Member: William Mayfield] 


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